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Welcome to Astrea, an international real estate firm based in Greece, offering unequaled opportunities in the real estate market. Astrea engages in the initiation, execution, and improvement of high-potential properties using innovative methods for developing high-end building complexes. Astrea offers personalized support for each client, operating with professionality and complete transparency at every stage of the process. With the support of big-name international real estate groups, clients enjoy increased asset security and quality assurance. Comprehensive service packages include property management, legal guidance and mortgage support.

Competitive Advantages

Astrea combines experience with expertise, innovation with vision to yield unmatched quality, service, and guidance in the Greece real estate market.
Astrea combines the joint efforts of established international real estate firms with over half a century of experience, with a deep knowledge of the Greek market to yield the most advantageous results for our clients.
Astrea’s seasoned professionals guide clients every step of the way, from opening a bank account to navigating bureaucratic and legal processes, to the final acquisition and beyond.‎ ‎ ‎
Clients benefit from a 5-star service package, providing hotel-grade property management and concierge services, while our team takes care of securing short-term renters for every season of the year.
Astrea introduces a new concept of leisure and living to Greece, transforming old office buildings and hotels into high-scale residential complexes complete with built-in cafes, pools, gyms, and workspaces.

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